Lauren + Andrew | Thousand Islands Engagement

There are few things that make me more excited than a couple excitedly agreeing to a sunrise session! I know, I know, sunset seems pretty much the same in terms of light and is certainly more convenient of a time, but there's just nothing quite like sunrise. The peacefulness, emptiness and instead of fighting to beat the light it keeps getting better and better! From twilight to harsh light and everything in between, sunrise is totally my jam.

This sunrise was even easier to love. Lauren and Andrew may be Colorado residents, but the thousand islands has always been a special place to Lauren. Growing up in North Tonawanda, NY was great, but her summers spent at her family's waterfront home in Clayton, NY was where the real magic was! When Andrew proposed, she knew exactly where her wedding needed to be.

And, may I say, these two are so perfect for each other! Before they met, they each experienced the dating scene in Colorado and after awhile gave up on looking. It wasn't until the day that Andrew, the mortgage banker, called Lauren, the realtor, that a match was made! They are both so much fun, full of laughter and energetic - even if it's 6am! And, needless to say, so madly in love.

Oh, there's another component to this amazing relationship by the way - Basil. Basil is their sweet yellow lab who quietly followed us throughout the session until bulldozing into the river near the end. Labradors, amiright?

This session has me that much more excited for their August 2019 wedding at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton!