About the


"Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."
- Marc Riboud


Hi, I'm Michelle!

Most days you will find me drinking obscene amounts of coffee, trying to convince my two young boys that wearing pants is a good thing (we all know it's the worst) and finding ways to sneak chocolate as often as humanly possible.

Before becoming a photographer I was a painter and I believe it gives me a truly unique perspective on the moments I'm capturing. I strive to live mindfully and carefully observant of every moment, seeing so much more than what is apparent. I am also a workaholic who will probably answer all of your emails within ten minutes and with way too many exclamation marks. 

It's my top priority to not only capture moments in a way that is artistic, unique and creative but to also create lasting friendships with all of my clients. I love to laugh, make others laugh and believe that fun is absolutely essential to a perfect wedding day. If we're not there to have the best day of our lives, then what are we there for?!

But hey, enough about me!